Great Teaching Spotlight: CHS Science Teacher Gulshan Mir

Gulshan MirCoppell High School Science Teacher Gulshan Mir is inspired by students who demonstrate perseverance, show willingness to learn and work hard to succeed. 

“This drives me to create a learning environment that motivates all students and supports their individual learning needs,” said Mir, who teaches AP Environmental Science and Earth and Space Science at CHS. 

It is the relationships between Mir and her students that allows for deep learning to occur in her classroom. 

“The first thing that I tell my students is that I will be there for you as a mentor and a friend,” Mir said. “I believe in a classroom climate that fosters positive relationships, where each individual is respected, everyone’s input is valued and each learner is actively involved in learning.” 

Each day she works to provide a nurturing environment where her students are actively engaged in meaningful learning. 

“It is important that my students interact with and teach each other, as well as reflect on their learning to improve their performance.” 

Mir wants her students to remember her as a person who cares for them, helps them on their way to success and mentors them to be smart, knowledgeable, and conscious citizens who give back to their community. 

“Upon completing my class, my students should be able to use critical thinking, apply scientific knowledge in their daily lives and be ready to positively impact the world,” she says. 

CHS Associate Principal Melissa Arnold said, “Mrs. Mir is a passionate educator focused on the individual success of her students. She approaches learning through the lens of student discovery.  Her lesson design allows for learners to dig deep into the content and show their understanding in unique ways.”

Mir wants the CISD community to know that teachers care for students like their own children. 

“We devote time beyond school hours not only to create learning activities, but to also ensure students learn the skills they need to be successful outside of the classroom,” Mir said. 

Mir’s parents raised her with core values of respect, compassion and genuinely caring for family, friends and community. 

“I realized that the teaching profession would be ideal for me to exhibit my core values, make a difference and help individuals reach their potential,” Mir said. 

Mir’s own children inspire her, as they encourage her passion for lifelong learning. She also credits her CHS teaching colleagues, who have innovative ideas for teaching and foster a collaborative work environment.

“I am blessed to be working for a school district like CISD, especially at CHS where I am part of one big family where everyone matters,” said Mir, who has taught at CHS for six years. “Each day we collectively engage with students, promote a growth mindset and positively impact our students.” 

She added, “I love teaching in CISD, because the district values my diverse background, fosters positive and authentic relationships and more importantly working here has provided me the opportunity to grow as an individual.” 

This story originally appeared in the Summer 2021 issue of the CISD Our Story magazine, which is available at