Spotlight on Great Teaching: Fun Science Fridays at Lakeside

Wanting to get learners excited about science, Lakeside Elementary third grade teacher Teri Keith created Fun Science Fridays.  

Fun Science Fridays is a show and tell with science items.  Students bring an item from home and explain to the class how it is related to science.  Virtual learners also do the same and often walk their iPad outside to show classmates their garden, rocks or possessions of nature. 

Keith came up with Fun Science Fridays when CISD went to all virtual learning in March 2020. She shared this idea with her teacher colleagues at Lakeside Elementary and other elementary science teachers in the district. Many educators joined Keith o implement this concept with their students. 

According to Lakeside second grade Teacher Kelly Fisher, Fun Science Fridays gets students excited about science. 

“It creates questions and wonders that fuel our future scientists,” Fisher said. “At least once a week, a student will ask, ‘Is it Fun Science Friday yet?’”

Rocks, plants, shells and flashlights are among the items that Fisher’s second graders have shared on Fun Science Fridays. 

“When kids are excited to learn, and beg for more, great learning is contagious,” Fisher said.

Lakeside Elementary Fun Science Fridays  Lakeside Elementary Fun Science Fridays  Lakeside Elementary Fun Science Fridays