Denton Creek Teacher Creates Community Library

Kathy GloverAs Kathy Glover was packing up her fifth grade Dual Language Immersion (DLI) classroom last May, she thought that if her students had access to a library close to home, they might enjoy reading more.  Specifically, she was  thinking about her students at the Creekside Mobile Community, who would be home all day while their parents worked. This led to her collecting more than 200 books to establish a library at the Creekside clubhouse. 

“I realized that for these parents, working all day and then coming late puts going to the public library at a very low priority level,” Glover said. “I just wanted to give these children access to more books, which could help them in a myriad of ways.”

Glover contacted Creekside and asked if they had a corner in an office or a space with public access where she could put some books.  Creekside offered their clubhouse and said Glover could use as much space as she needed.  

“It turns out the ‘clubhouse’ is a very nice room in the main office building at the center of the neighborhood,” Glover said. “Creekside management has been helpful, friendly, and I think they are glad to help the kids in their community have access to more books.” 

Glover collected about 200 gently used books  from teachers, her home and libraries.  She is working to get the word out about the Creekside library to all students who live in that community. 

“I hope these students enjoy visiting  this library, and I hope they find books they love,” Glover said. “I hope they share the books with their siblings and friends. I hope they feel how much we teachers care about them.”