Spotlight on Town Center Elementary Custodian Sara Cruz

Sara CruzSara Cruz has served as the custodian for Town Center Elementary for 11 years and has worked in CISD for 24 years.  

“I love it here and watching the students grow from kindergarten to 5th grade,” Cruz says. 

Cruz worked in custodial services at Coppell High School and Lakeside Elementary, before joining Town Center Elementary. 

“The learners at Town Center are so polite and sweet and are so happy to see me each day,” she says. 

“Sara is always willing to do anything our campus needs, and she is truly part of our Town Center family,” says Town Center Elementary Principal Jennifer Martin. 

Cruz adds, “I love CISD, because everyone, the students, the teachers, the staff and the parents, make me feel like I am an important part of their community and family.“