Cricket Friday at CMS West

When the Coppell Middle School West moved to its new location in 2018, Athletic Coordinator John Kelder was looking for ways to better engage physical education learners. A brainstorming professional learning session led to the new tradition of cricket Friday at CMS West. 

“I knew that we had some students that were really into cricket,” Kelder said. “This led me down a rabbit hole on YouTube and watching a Netflix show ‘Cricket Fever’ to learn more about the game.”

Cricket  Crickt

After purchasing some cricket equipment for physical education classes, Coach Kelder and his fellow P.E. educators began to have the CMS West students teach the coaches how to play the sport.  

“Fridays are typically our big group game days, we will either stay inside for a big game or go outside in nice weather and let the students choose their own activity,” Kelder says.  “We definitely always have requests to bring the cricket equipment out on Fridays, if we go to the field, and that's how cricket Friday was born.”  

Kelder says there are CMS West students whose parents still play in cricket leagues across the Metroplex, and these students have enjoyed teaching the coaches and friends how to play the international sport. 

Kelder says, “We are hoping one day to have enough cricket equipment to possibly have an entire cricket P.E. unit and teach everyone how to play, but for now we are enjoying our cricket Friday tradition.”