Spotlight on Great Teaching: Canyon Ranch Students Design Mini-Golf Course

Fifth grade students at Canyon Ranch Elementary have been “putting” in the work all semester long, as they designed a mini golf course for the school using recycling leftover cardboard from school supplies. 

On Dec. 16, Canyon Ranch students played in a mini-golf tournament on a course designed by 5th grade students in Stephanie Deskin’s DREAMS Lab class. According to Deskin, this mini-golf course project involves design, math, engineering, problem-solving, collaboration and more.

CRE Mini Golf CRE Mini Golf CRE Mini Golf CRE Mini Golf

“Learners had to develop a creative design for their hole, choose a theme and name for it, calculate the par difficulty and then build the hole using the materials available,” Deskin said. “When the school got to play on the course, it was a culmination of a year-long project that showed these learners’ efforts in action.”

Classes of kindergartners to 5th graders played the course and enjoyed the ingenuity of their classmates. 

“We came up with a project that the entire school could enjoy,” Deskin said. “It was a great day.” 

The DREAMS Lab class at Canyon Ranch Elementary is a special class (in line with Art, PE and Music) and stands for Design, Research, Engineering, Art, Math and Science.