Astronomy Students Share Out of This World Space Science Lessons to Town Center 4th Graders

Astronomy StudentsThe stars aligned on March 8, as CHS students in Angela Barnes astronomy classes launched over to Town Center Elementary to teach space science to 4th graders. 

“It was fun to watch the astronomy kids in action, as they implemented the lesson plans they created to cover the 4th grade space science TEKS [Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills],” Barnes said. “We wanted to make sure both the high school and elementary learners  were laughing, learning, and engaged.”

CISD elementary students learn space science in 4th-grade. The CHS students included both technology and science journaling into their learner-designed lessons to develop hands-on experiences. Five astronomy classes participated, which equaled more than 100 high school students, mostly seniors with a few juniors and sophomores. 

According to Barnes, her students told her, "It was fun, because we got to interact with kids and see what they already knew and what we could teach them. We want to do it again."

Barnes added that the 4th graders seemed interested, curious and respectful of the high-schoolers’ knowledge and time spent making learning fun for them.

“What always stands out to me about days like these, when learners teach learners, is that the teachers in the room had the opportunity to stand back and simply observe the questioning, investigating and sharing of ideas that were sparked just by the kids,” Barnes said. “The day was all kids. We teachers just organized the event.”