Message from the Superintendent — May 23, 2022

May 23, 2022 

Dear CISD Families, 

I want to update you on the recent altercation that occurred at Coppell Middle School North on May 11, 2022, and our plan to move forward in providing a safe and positive learning environment. 

Our first responsibility is to keep students safe and to provide a place for them to learn at the highest levels. We will continue efforts to ensure that every student feels safe and secure.  

We have a valuable tool to report bullying, violence, and self-harm anonymously and safely. The “Stop it” app allows anyone on a CISD campus to report harmful incidents in real-time to school authorities. This program works – and has helped us step in and peacefully handle issues before they escalate. 

We will conduct training and retraining for our staff to ensure they have a full understanding of our safety protocols, with proven tools to address anger and conflict. We’ll also provide more education on these topics through Parent University so we can work together toward success for our students. This is a priority, and you’ll hear more about our work before next school year. 

We have much to celebrate this academic school year, and I thank you for your dedication and commitment to our most valuable asset, our students. 


Dr. Brad Hunt