Reporting Absences

Reporting Student Absence (In-School & Remote Learners):  

Within 3 days of your student's absence, please send in a signed parent note or doctor's note (email for Remote Learners) and include the following information:

(1) Date: (2) Student name: (3) Student ID number: (4) Date of absence(s) 

(5) Reasons for absence (please refer to CISD website for reasons that constitute 'excused' absence).  

Requesting Early Release (In-School Learners):  on the day of early release, please do ONE of the following so that a release note may be provided to your student.  

(1) PREFERRED METHOD:  send a note with your student to be turned into the front office, with time and reason for early release; OR

(2) Send an email to and provide time and reason for early release; OR

(3) Call the front desk at (214) 496-7100 to provide information about time and reason for early release.  Please place this call at least 1-2 hours in advance of picking up your student from North.

**PLEASE NOTE: completing one of these procedures will allow your student to meet you in the Front Office, prepared for early departure; however, you will still need to come into the Front Office to meet your student.

Additional Helpful Tips from Ms. Magnacca, Attendance Clerk, at North:

  • It is strongly recommended that parents DO NOT attempt an 'early-release-pick-up' after 3:15 p.m. Heavy traffic at that time of day will delay parents' ability to leave the parking lot.
  • Please provide student's school ID number for all communications with the Front Office. It is recommended that parents enter their student's 5-digit school ID number under their cell phone 'contact' information, for easy, quick reference.   
  • Please have your driver’s license available to scan into the Raptor system, as necessary and wear a mask when entering the building.

Questions about these procedures? email: