Important Parent/Student Reminders

Parent/Student Reminders:
This year once again, we will restrict deliveries to our Horseshoe Reception Desk and no longer accept lunch deliveries, textbooks, band instruments, cash, and technology items such as cell phone, iPad or laptop. Flowers, birthday balloons, singing telegrams, and food delivery services will not be accepted at school regardless of payment. Phone messages will be delivered to students only in an extreme emergency with the approval of an Assistant Principal.

Attendance Reminder:
If your student will need to leave school during the day for a doctor/dental appointment, please send them to school with a signed parent note that morning giving parental permission for your child to leave school at a specific time for that appointment.  Include your child's name, grade level and ID# in your signed parent note.  Your child will take that note first thing in the morning to the attendance office in order to receive a gold pass giving them permission to leave at that time. They will show this pass to their teacher and then they will sign out at the attendance office.  They are then allowed to exit the building and meet you at your car in the front loop of the school. It is important that the student bring paperwork back from the doctor's office showing they were there for an appointment on that date and during that time frame. They must turn this paperwork back into the attendance office within 48 hours of the appointment.

Last Minute/Unexpected Appointments: 
To pick up your student for an unexpected appointment, you will need to park in a designated parking space and see the School Receptionist at the Horseshoe.  Please allow at least 20 minutes for this process. 

Thank you.