January 20, 2021

On January 13, 2021 at the CHS Registration Webinar, it was stated that juniors and seniors must have a release period.  We feel the need to provide some additional clarification to that statement.

In our block schedule, learners have the opportunity over their high school career to earn 32 credits (8 a year). The most rigorous Texas graduation plan, the foundation plan plus an endorsement, which all of our learners are on as a default, consists of 26 credits. Learners may have more credits at graduation, but they do not have to fill all of the periods in their schedules, and naturally as learners approach their junior and senior years, release periods become options.

Some exceptions to the stated requirement that juniors and seniors have a release period include:

  • Learners who have taken double-blocked classes for multiple years (such as band or athletics)
  • Learners who are completing a Program of Study through our CTE pathways or who are earning the Arts and Humanities endorsement through four years of Fine Arts Courses  (debate, etc)  
  • Learners who are IB Diploma Candidates
  • Learners who have recently enrolled in Coppell from out of state or out of the country who must utilize every period in their schedules in order to meet all state graduation requirements

Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, learners will not be allowed to double up on two required courses in a content area during a single year.  For example: a learner may not take chemistry and physics (both required for graduation) as a sophomore. Likewise, a learner could not take World History and U.S. History during the same school year. 

Please utilize the course planning guide for graduation requirements. Also, CHS counselors are hosting many events and meetings to answer questions.