4th 9-Weeks Celebration News from VP@C

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Congratulations to our 4th 9 Weeks Graduates!

Left to Right: Mary Luckett, JaBraylon Jermany,Madeline Rocha, Ceyda Haggan, Subhekshya Khanal, Alec Brinneman, Meghan Bauer, Siraj Mahmud, Justin Cummins, Jace Baccus, Jacob Cacheria, Dakota Baker, Hannah Hohman, Andre Arrendondo-Lopez, John Coffee, Jia Aakriti, Daniela Garcia-Salas, Seth Randell. Not Shown (Isabella Cantu, Jose Eusebio, Elena Gillis, Mattie McKethan, Melissa Torres, Nolan Palmer)
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Genius Award Winner: Arunima Chhimwal

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.” ~Shiv Khera

The recipient of the fourth quarter genius award lives these words each day. This learner quietly and humbly strives for success as she models the life principles we value in our program. Arunima Chhimwal, You are a Genius!

Arunima is without a doubt one of the most diligent learners that I have had the pleasure of working with in Turning Point. This semester she has worked over 204 hours outside the school day. This demonstration of the life principle of COMMITMENT has made her a permanent member of “The Early Release Club”. Her hard work puts her ahead in her coursework which earns her this privilege every Friday afternoon.

Arunima also sets an excellent example in the classroom. She completes her classes on time earning A’s and B’s with zero discipline problems. She models the life principle of RESPONSIBILITY on a daily basis. Arunima’s educators can count on her to give her best effort on every task without prompting making her an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom.

She is not only a delight to the educators, but to her peers as well. Her warm personality and friendly demeanor enrich the atmosphere at Victory Place @ Coppell. When the energy of the room becomes negative, Arunima can be heard making positive and encouraging comments reminding us to be grateful for the opportunities we have been given. Her demonstration of FRIENDSHIP is a model that learners and educators alike should be inspired by. She is truly a bright spot at Victory Place @ Coppell.


It has been an honor to spend time with Arunima and I enjoy her more and more every day. I am so thankful that she is here to share her positive attitude, her kindness, and her genius. We are proud to call her one of ours.


-Lauren Billingsley

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VP@C Team Member of the 9-Weeks: Mr. John Harris

New to Victory Place @ Coppell this year, Mr. Harris puts in the extra work to make sure he is modeling the life principles of our Great Expectations campus. He has a Passion and Heart for learners that is undeniable as he serves to support them through pep talks, firm redirection, a listening ear or sharing wise advice. His energy and excitement are refreshing.



Mr. Harris is an exceptional mentor to learners in both the Compass and Turning Point programs. Even though he is primarily based in Compass DAEP, he takes time to connect with and mentor some of the learners in Turning Point as well. He seeks to make sure all learners are having their social and emotional needs met. Every morning, Mr. Harris sets the tone for the day by coming down the hall early in the morning saying, “It’s a great day to be alive ladies & gentlemen!” He is also passionate about relationships with his co-workers and strives to mentor them as well.



Mr Harris is passionate about the work that he does outside of the classroom. He is responsible for helping create some of the service opportunities that learners have been involved with and he looks for ways to give back. He also volunteers with the Coppell Police Department’s Teen Diversion Program, which is like defensive driving for youth with citations for drug or alcohol use. He is always giving of himself and loves to see growth and spirit develop in others.



Victory Place @ Coppell is very fortunate to have Mr. Harris join our staff this year and share his Genius.

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Victory Place @ Coppell has been named a Great Expectations Model School for the 3rd Year in a Row!

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A/B Honor Roll Recognition:

Meghan Bauer, Alec Brinneman, Arunima Chhimwal, John Coffee, Ceyda Haggan, Madeline Rocha
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Officer Freeman - Coppell Police Officer of the Year Recognition

Officer Freeman has served as a Coppell Police officer for almost 20 years. She has been a School Resource officer at many of our secondary campuses including: Middle School West, Middle School North, CHS, and here at Victory Place. She also partners with CISD and Victory Place in a program called Teen Diversion - a substance prevention program. As a result of these efforts and many other achievements, The Coppell Police Department has named Officer Freeman the Coppell Police Officer of the Year. 

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United States Army Enlistment Recognition

Mary Luckett & JaBraylon Jermany
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VP@C Super Teacher and GEM Award Winners

The Coppell ISD educator recognition program called “Super Teacher” recognizes campus educators as designers of engaging and innovative learning experiences that ignite the interests of learners. They enjoyed lunch with the Superintendent last month and received Super Teacher T-Shirts.



At last Monday’s school board meeting, Coppell ISD also recognized outstanding employees who serve the mission of the district in a manner that exceeds their job expectations - those who go “above and beyond the call of duty”.



These COMPASS DAEP educators established learning experiences for service and community partnerships within their classroom. The belief is “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” The learners created gift boxes filled with mints and handwritten notes for “encouragement” for the Denton Freedom House. Learners also created gift boxes and personalized notepads for attendees of the Tim Tebow Foundation Night to Shine event in February. They encourage their learners to “Jump their Hurdles” and “Climb Out” by thinking and doing for others.



We are lucky to have them on our staff and thank them for their Genius.

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State Assessment Results

You may access your student's STAAR results starting today, June 1st.

For more information on how to access STAAR results, please see the link below.




Turning Point Applications for 2018-19 are now being accepted.

You may access an application on our website. Interviews for Fall enrollment will be scheduled starting late July/Early August.


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