Residency Verification

All returning learners are required to provide residency verification each year.  For our annual Residency Verification, we are requesting a copy of your current water, gas, or electric bill. 


Please go to THIS LINK to confirm enrollment for your child for this year.  You will need to log in to a Google Account.  Another way is to send a current utility bill (water, gas, or electricity) in an email to with your child's name/names in the subject line.  To assist our preparations, so that we can assign a class to your student, please complete Residency Verification no later than Friday July 30.


If your plans have changed, and your child will not attend Canyon Ranch, please contact us at or 214-496-7200 to let us know. 


If you have enrolled a new student during the past few months, and provided a utility bill during that time, then you are covered for this year.


Let us know if you have any questions