Who is Barbara S. Austin?

Barbara S. Austin is our school’s namesake. When Barbara S. Austin moved to Coppell, she was looking for a quiet, country home for her family and a place to stable her horses. Her children attended the Coppell School, where she played an active role in the PTA. As a former teacher, she was encouraged by Superintendent Pinkerton to run for the school board. She was met with comments like, “We’ve never had a woman on the school board!” She persisted. She was elected and later became president. She worked hard on the school board. She worked to gain approval for bonds to purchase land for future schools, including Coppell High School. In 1987, the school board decided to honor her service to Coppell by naming a school after her. And here we are, 30 years later, and 161 South Moore Road!

Barbara stands next to a chalk board that says celebrating 30 years