Safety and Security

The Coppell Independent School District has had a comprehensive Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) in place for several years and that plan is updated annually. The plan prepares us for action and establishes teams, chains of command, and specific steps to take. All of our staff members are aware of the plan and their roles in case of an emergency. View the Safety Procedures page for more specific safety protocols. 

Additionally, Coppell ISD is in constant contact with local law enforcement and receives updates from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We will take any recommended action deemed appropriate in the face of any specified threats. There are also ways you can help at home such as listening to local radio/TV for current information and instructions and maintaining a heightened alert to suspicious activity. More tips are available via the federal and state Homeland Security web sites as well as on the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) site. It is our intent to continue with our daily business of caring for and educating our children.

Flashing Lights: Creating Safe Interactions between Citizens and Law Enforcement

Flashing Lights: Creating Safe Interactions Between Citizens and Law Enforcement is a product of the Texas Community Safety Education Act (Senate Bill 30), passed by the 85th Texas Legislature. The goal of the act is to define the behavior and expectations of citizens and law enforcement during traffic interactions.