2024-2025 Learner Application

Please click the link above for our learner application for the 2024-25 school year.

If you are transferring to CISD during the 2024-25 school year, please email our registrar at chaywood@coppellisd.com for information regarding new or returning student registration.

Transfer students: learners currently attending CHS9 or CHS can apply for a transfer here. We also ask that you go ahead and fill out our learner application so that we can send you information throughout our recruitment process.

Important Information about New Tech. High @ Coppell:

  1. All coursework is done through a Project Based Learning lens meaning learners are learning the material while completing projects that solve real world problems. 

  2. All core courses offered at New Tech are Honors level or above (AP, Dual Credit). 

  3. Class sizes are typically much smaller than a traditional classroom. 

  4. New Tech is connected to a large network of New Tech schools and networks with them to make sure our projects are relevant to a variety of professions and universities.