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Learning Outcomes (Grades)

We believe that school is about more than learning information. School is also about cultivating skills that will help propel learners into long-term and real-world success. All learners at NTH@C are evaluated on the following learning outcomes in each course they take on our campus. 


The learner will reflect on the development of a growth mindset and purpose for learning as well as demonstrate self-monitoring, learning strategies, study habits, and active participation.


The learner will demonstrate respectful communication, responsibility, and initiative while sharing knowledge as a productive member of diverse teams.

Knowledge & Thinking

The learner will reason, problem-solve, make decisions, develop sound arguments, and create new ideas by using appropriate sources and applying the knowledge and skills of a discipline.

Oral Communication

The learner will make meaning from verbal messages and purposefully communicate knowledge and thinking while adapting to the audience, setting, and occasion.

Written Communication

The learner will make meaning from written text and effectively communicate knowledge and thinking using a writing process that employs appropriate organizational and rhetorical strategies.