Accommodations for College Board Exams

Accommodation Requests will be made on behalf of learners who currently require accommodations for the STAAR Tests (formal assessments). Learners who currently are served under Section 504 or Special Education are the only learners able to request accommodations from College Board.

Step 1:  Determine if your learner is currently served under Section 504 or Special Education

Step 2:  Does your learner currently show to utilize accommodations on formal assessments such as the STAAR tests

Step 3:  If your learner meets Steps 1 & 2, complete the following two documents included in this file.

College Board Accommodations Request Forms

  • Page 1 - Sign the College Board Request for Accommodations Form

  • Page 2 - Complete the top portion

Step 4:  Email both documents to the 504 Coordinator or the Special Education Coordinator at NTH@C

Step 5:  The request for accommodation will be made on the learners' behalf. It will take approximately 7-10 weeks to hear back regarding the approval or denial of the accommodations from the College Board.  This decision is solely made by the College Board. NTH@C is not responsible for the decision made by the College Board.