Advanced Placement Music Theory

Do you love music and wonder how it all works? Do you enjoy singing, playing an instrument, or composing? If your answer to these questions is yes, then AP Music Theory is the course for you! We delve deep into the inner fabric of music and learn the intricate structure behind the notes on the page. Learning Music Theory is very much like learning a language. In this course, learners gain the skills to be able to listen, read, write, and perform music like a native speaker.


In this course you will be exposed to concepts covered in the first year of college Music Theory and Musicianship Courses to prepare you for success on the College Board's Advanced Placement Music Theory Exam in May.


AP Music Theory currently meets during 5th & 6th period. Come join us for a fun and exciting journey through the world of music!

Music Sheet

Learners interested in taking this course are encouraged to contact Mr. Coronado or their CHS Counselor!

Click here to access the course syllabus!

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