Clubs and Organizations

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Clubs and Student Organizations are a vital part of the culture of Coppell High School. We have three types of clubs: learner-run, teacher-led, and curriculum-extending clubs (including CTSOs). However, the majority of our clubs are learner-run. That means learners think of the concept, establish rules and order, recruit members, and fulfill the club's mission.

Each year, learner-led clubs must reapply to ensure clubs do not hang on without interest or passion. Clubs meet at least once a month to discuss ideas, engage in communication and relationships, build connections and networks, serve the school and city, and foster a community of love, respect, and support for one another.

In September, clubs set up a small booth and try to recruit members for the current school year during the CLUB FAIR. The number of clubs is limited to about 100 per year, and they provide extra depth and richness to the education they are part of at Coppell High School.

To view a current list of clubs, you can click HERE.

If you are a leader of a club, the Schoology Course Code is NRHR-BF8W-KHBPB