Student Handbook
The Student handbook contains rules and guidelines specific to the high school campus including dress code, parking, attendance, GPA, make-up work, etc.
Student Code of Conduct
The Student Code of Conduct that follows is the District's specific response to requirements of Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code. The law requires the District to define misconduct that may-or must-result in a range of specific disciplinary consequences. This Student Code of Conduct is an outgrowth of collaboration among District and campus staff, parents and other community members. The Code, adopted by the Board of Trustees, provides information and direction to students and parents regarding standards of behavior, as well as, consequences of misconduct.

School Board Policy
School Board policy governs the operation of this District. The policies are included because they are required by law or by the Texas Education Agency; because they are recommended by the Texas Association of School Boards as essential to effective District governance and management; or because the Board wishes to make a statement in a particular policy area.

The Localized Policy Manual was created with the assistance of TASB Policy Service and adheres to certain structural conventions. The most visible of these conventions is the presence of separate (LEGAL) and (LOCAL) policies at many policy codes. This separation serves to help all users—whether members of the public or members of the Board—distinguish between the requirements of an extensive body of school law and the policy determinations of the local Board.

Campus Policy Documents