Certification/Service Records

Certification Information

For information about obtaining your Texas Certification, "Becoming a Teacher" and other certification information, please contact:

Texas Education Agency
1701 North Congress Avenue
WBT 5-100
Austin, TX 78701-1494
 www.tea.state.tx.us click on "Texas Educators" and then select "Initial Certification" or select the appropriate topic under the "Certification."

Alternative Certification

Alternative Certification Programs are designed for individuals who hold a college or university degree but do not hold a teaching certificate.

With the exception of elementary bilingual education applicants and a limited number of shortage areas within special education, Coppell ISD does not consider or place general elementary candidates who are enrolled in an alternative program.

Secondary applicants participating in alternative certification programs are occasionally considered in a limited number of shortage areas only, once the District's pool of fully certified secondary candidates has been depleted.

Contact the Texas Education Agency to obtain more detailed information on all Certification Programs.
 www.tea.state.tx.us click on "Texas Educators"