Teacher Incentive Allotment

HB 3 established the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) to recognize effective teachers on three different levels: Recognized, Exemplary and Master. These teacher designations generate additional teacher-focused allotment funding for districts to reward their top performers.

Teachers earn designations through two different routes.  

  • Local Designation System 

  • National Board Certification 

The Teacher Incentive Allotment is not a merit-pay approach to compensation, and it will not replace or affect the District’s current pay structure.  For teachers who earn a distinction based on the local designation system or national board certification, the payment will be an additional stipend that is separate from the current Coppell ISD pay structure.

Local Designation System

Coppell ISD is creating a local designation system.  The Coppell ISD TIA Committee which includes teachers, principals, curriculum directors and representatives from many departments in central administration has been created to help in the development of the local designation system.  The approval process is multi-step and includes the submission of a system application to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and then a data validation process through Texas Tech University. Developing a local teacher designation system requires significant planning, robust stakeholder engagement, adequate time to prepare all necessary materials for rollout and a strong communication plan prior to the first implementation year. Once our local designation system is approved, Coppell ISD may recommend our effective teachers for designation. There is no limit to the number of teachers that a district may designate if their teachers meet the district’s designation criteria and the eligibility requirements under the rules defined by TEA.

The local designation system must include both a teacher observation and student performance component.  It can also include other factors such as student surveys, teacher leadership responsibilities, teacher mentorship responsibilities, family surveys, demonstration of district core values, teacher peer surveys, and contributions to the broader school community.

State Eligibility

Eligibility is determined by state law, which requires each designated teacher to hold a teaching certificate, to be in a PEIMS role ID coded as 087 and to teach students directly for a full year at least 50% of the day in a way that impacts student growth.  Because of this state requirement some positions may not be eligible for the Teacher Incentive Allotment.

National Board Certification

Teachers can attain a Recognized designation if they earn their National Board Certification.  National Board Certification takes an average of three years for a teacher to complete and costs approximately $1900.  Teachers must demonstrate advanced knowledge and skill in their certificate area and provide three portfolios and complete a computer-based assessment.  A candidate must have three years teaching experience prior to starting the certification process.   Learn more at  National Board Certification in Texas.

Available Funding

The funding available from the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) varies by the designation of the teacher and campus where the designated teacher works. The exact amount of allotment funding per teacher is determined by a formula that considers the level of socioeconomic need at a campus and whether the campus is rural.

Districts are required to spend at least 90% of their allotment funds on teacher compensation on the campus where the designated teacher works.

Districts may set aside up to 10% for cost associated with implementing a local designation system or supporting teachers in getting designated.


For more information or questions about TIA, contact  TIA@coppellisd.com

Karen Duke
Executive Director of Human Resources

Mary Kemper
Executive Director of Instructional Leadership

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