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February 16th PL Day

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On February 16th the CISD staff met together at Coppell High School for a day of learning focused on small group instruction, data-driven instruction, and behavior management with restorative practices. Led by fellow CISD staff, the sessions provided practical strategies and insights for enhancing teaching practices and fostering a supportive learning environment. The day concluded with a fun Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) session where staff engaged in passion-based activities, reflecting the district's commitment to continuous improvement and holistic student development.

Connecting with #CISDLearns

Connect with #CISDLearns to plug in to a dynamic and highly collaborative network of innovative educators!

Professional learning is crucial for continuous growth and development in any profession, particularly in education. It enables educators to stay up to date on the latest research, teaching methodologies, and technology advancements, ultimately enhancing student outcomes.

In our district, we prioritize professional learning opportunities for all CISD staff to ensure they have the tools and knowledge needed to excel in their roles, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

#CISDLearns is committed to designing and facilitating valuable learning experiences and making them available anytime, from anywhere. As a member of the CISD family, you have access to a Professional Learning Library inside PowerSchool PL.

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Professional Learning Requirements (Flex Credit)

The document below provides you with important information regarding Flex requirements. Prior to attending a professional learning experience, you should obtain approval from your campus principal or department leader to ensure the experience is aligned with campus and district goals. Upon completion of each professional learning experience, if you are a paraprofessional, your campus principal should enter and approve the time to be credited in the Time Clock system. You can also expect to see the professional learning time you have earned in PowerSchool PL on the Transcript page. Campus-exempt employees will only see their time in PowerSchool PL!. Paraprofessionals, the district Time Clock system will house your Flex hours until they are needed for the flex days through out the school year. Your hours will remain in your comp time balance, regardless of how they are earned, until they are needed.

New Hire Class of 2024

Coppell ISD warmly welcomes our New Hire Class of 2024. Join the Schoology course that has been designed just for you to connect with others and complete pieces of compliance especially for new hires.

You will also discover a wide range of valuable information about our district including our Core Values, philosophy of digital learning, and information about employee benefits.

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Mentoring Program - BEAM

Are you entering your first or second year of teaching in the CISD family? We are dedicated to supporting you in the development of a meaningful and supportive relationship with a mentor. The BEAM (Beginning Educators and Mentors) Program sets you up for success by connecting you with a veteran educator whose purpose is guiding you through your first two years in the profession of education - and beyond.

BEAM Program Highlights:

The district BEAM (Beginning Educators and Mentors) program is tailored to offer support to newly hired teaching staff members in acclimating to Coppell ISD's educational landscape. Through mentorship, training, and a rich repository of resources, the program fosters professional growth, ensuring a smooth transition into their roles and alignment with the district's educational standards and practices.

  • CISD BEAM Standards

    • These standards provide a comprehensive framework for guiding new educators through their initial experiences in the CISD educational environment.

  • BEAM Support Resources

    • A comprehensive collection of resources has been developed specifically for CISD mentors, aimed at providing invaluable support to their mentees in navigating and excelling across the diverse spectrum of BEAM standards, encompassing orientation to district policies, effective classroom management, collaborative engagement, family communication, curriculum understanding, instructional practices, resilience building, and participation in professional learning communities.

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