District Employee Transfer Request

Inter-District Employee Transfer Request

Human Resources sends out information regarding District employee transfers in March. This year we will conduct the District employee transfer process as follows:

Guidelines for Employee Transfer Requests (2024-2025):

  1. Coppell ISD employees who would like to be considered for a transfer to a position on another campus in the same type of job must complete a CISD Transfer Form.

  2. The window to submit a transfer request form is February 26, 2024 to May 24, 2024. 

  3. Principals and Directors may request to hire a transfer for an open position until May 31, 2024. Voluntary transfers will not be made after this date.

  4. Prior to submitting a transfer request form, the employee must notify his/her Principal or Supervisor of the desire to be placed on the transfer list.

  5. Employees who are completing an improvement plan with their current campus/department are not eligible to request a transfer to a different campus until all requirements of the improvement plan are met. 

  6. The Executive Director of Human Resources will receive all transfer requests. Once officially received, employees requesting a transfer will be placed on a Master Transfer list that is updated and shared via email with Principals and Supervisors.

  7. When a vacancy occurs for which an employee on the transfer list is appropriately credentialed, the staff member may be contacted by the Principal or the Supervisor where the vacancy exists to schedule an interview. Submitting a request form for a transfer does not guarantee a transfer; however the request for transfer will be considered if:

    1. there is a vacancy for which the staff member is qualified at the requested campus or department;

    2. the employee has the proper certification for the open position;

    3. the Principal or Supervisor where the vacancy occurs agrees and recommends the transfer;

    4. the Principal of the campus or Supervisor where the staff member is presently assigned agrees to the transfer; and 

    5. the Executive Director of Human Resources approves the transfer request.

  8. Human Resources will notify the employee if the requested transfer is granted.