Coppell ISD Parents

The educators in CISD bring so much joy to my son, he actually loves learning. After being a virtual learner during most of COVID, the day he got to see his teacher in person for the first time he came home and said it was the best day of his life.


It’s the individual attention each child receives that is so special. Every teacher and every administrator has made my children feel like family.


I love CISD because my kids are both unique and special. CISD teaches to the individual needs of each child. We moved to another state and within a year and a half we came back just because of this district. No other district or state can compare to the uniqueness and special aspects of the education my children have received here. As a single mom it’s not a easy task raising children alone, however I am extremely comforted to know my children are receiving the best education and preparing them for the best future. I cannot thank CISD enough!


I love CISD because it truly feels like being part of a family.


You are immediately given proof that your child is loved, respected and safe everyday. Not only do they learn the basics, but they also are taught compassion, empathy, acceptance, and personal emotional regulation skills.


CISD is not only a prestigious school district but also a very welcoming one. When someone is new they want to feel the warmth and feel welcomed. You will feel that here.


I love CISD because they keep my child challenged and meaningfully engaged!


I love CISD because they hold true to their Core Values.


I enjoy being part of CISD since it employs teachers who truly love teaching the kids. Every interaction I have had with my child's teacher, has been positive and shows their interest in the physical, social and educational well-being of my child. I feel blessed to be part of CISD!!!


CISD values great teaching, authentic relationships, individual contributions and community engagement. In short, you care about my kids.


CISD Staff

I love CISD because we value the importance of diversity and inclusion, respect the multitude of cultures represented in the district, and recognize that it is our differences that makes us strong.


I love CISD because I am surrounded by so many amazing educators that I can learn from and grow with.


CISD has been my home away from home for more than 20 years now. Even though the district has grown over the years, that close-knit feeling has not been lost. When I am at work, I am with family!


I love CISD because I get to work on a team that is innovative, creative, and hard working. I love working with educators who want to push the boundaries of teaching and collaborating with them to create deeper learning experiences for their students.


As a parent, I know my children are getting the best education available anywhere. As an employee, I get to work with people who really care about the families in our community.


If you want to work for a district that values relationships and puts kids first — there is no better place to be.


This is not only my first year at Coppell but my first year teaching. I hit the jackpot. I have never felt more taken care of, more loved, more cared for, or more advocated for in any organization I have ever been a part of. The teams I am a part of at West all look out for each other, offer help constantly, and truly are family.


I love CISD because it feels like home. Relationships are a priority on every level, from kids and families all the way up to our superintendent, and it definitely shows.


I love CISD because it fosters authentic relationships and focuses on the whole child supporting their academic, creative and emotional development.