Frequently Asked Questions

Menu Selection/Quality

  1. Who determines what food goes on my child's tray? Coppell ISD schools follow the "Offer vs. Serve" method.  This means that, by federal law, the school cafeteria must allow the child to choose what he/she wants to eat from the selections available.

  2. Who determines what food choices will be available on the daily menu? Menus are planned by our Registered Dietitian, Culinary Nutrition Trainer and Child Nutrition Director with the student in mind.  We attend various food shows and conduct several taste tests throughout the year to ensure we are serving items that are not only healthy, but that the students will actually enjoy.  In addition, nutritional analysis is conducted by our Registered Dietitian on all reimbursable menus to ensure that the Federal nutrition guidelines are met.

  3. What efforts are made to keep foods safe? Each of our kitchens is inspected by the local Health Department to ensure that all health regulations are met.  All foodservice staff maintain a Texas Food Handlers card and are required to wear hair restraints (including hairnets or hats), gloves and wash their hands between all tasks and before handling food.  In addition, temperatures are checked on each batch of food after it is cooked and between serving times. During serving times, coolers, warmers and steam tables are used to ensure proper temperatures are maintained. Cooler and freezer temperatures are monitored continually.

Meal Pricing

  • Why do adult meals cost more than student meals? Federal regulations prohibit us from giving free lunches to adults or from utilizing program funds for the purpose of subsidizing adult meals.

Financial Accountability

  1. Is the Child Nutrition Department self-funded? Yes. Our revenue is generated from individual sales and government funding of reimbursable free, reduced and paid student meals. In addition, we receive commodity foods.

  2. Is the department required to use commodity foods? Yes. Many foods are processed at an extra expense to the department in order to make them more desirable to our customers. For instance, chicken may be processed into chicken nuggets.

Student Lunch Accounts

  1. Can student lunch accounts be restricted to limit or not allow the purchase of snacks? Yes. You can contact your school cafeteria manager. Click HERE to view the Account Restrictions Form - Elementary.

  2. How can I pre-pay for student meals? You may pay by cash or check at your school. Checks should be made out to Coppell ISD with the student's name and grade on it. You can also make payments online by going to

  3. What happens to the balance remaining on my student's lunch account when school ends? Any balance remaining on a student's lunch account when school ends in June will be carried over to the next school year. The balance will follow the student to the school which he/she will be attending.

  4. How can I turn off my "Low Lunch Account" balance reminders during the Summer Months? Login to To turn off low balance emails, click on your name (blue circle with a white figure in the upper right-hand corner of your MySchoolBucks account). In the drop-down menu, select "My Students". Once the page loads, click "Edit" in green next to your student’s name. Uncheck "Send Email".

Meal Account Information